Capita Navigator 161

Capita Navigator 2017/2018

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The Navigator

Riding powder is like hiking into a backcountry camping trip. Once you 're past the trail head, if you have the right gear there 's nothing better. If you have the wrong gear, there 's nothing worse. The Navigator is your all-weather fire-starter; it 's your compass that never fails. It 's the snow tool that keeps you afloat when your friends get stuck. It 's not essential to the experience; it is essential to a great experience. Anyone that has spent a powder day filled with cartwheels and yard sales knows the difference. Featuring a Parabolic Sidecut that carves hard and flows into a sinking tapered tail, the wide frame rockered nose naturally floats above deep snow and ensures that your powder days are effortless, epic-level experiences.

Rider Type:
Camber Type:

Mono reverse camber allows your nose to float above the snowline, while zero camber retains power throughout the tail to stomp landings and slash the hell out of everything.