DC Focus 2016/2017

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The DC Focus snowboard is a soft flexing twin shape board that is great for beginners and intermediates alike. The Focus features DC's "Anti-Camber" which is essentially a flat camber that handles well at slower speeds. This board features a fairly subdued grey and red graphic that will appeal to the masses. This board will be a great affordable option for beginner to intermediate all mountain riders.

Wood Core Construction: This board sports a wood core, which helps dampen a bumpy a ride, giving the board a smoother ride. The wood core also helps maintain the camber of the board so it stays springy and lively.

4400/3400 Extruded Base: This durable material requires little maintenance and holds wax for a long period of time, so you don't have to wax the board every day.

DC Rocker: Anti-camber boards are flat between your stance and curved away from the snow outside the stance. We adjust the length of the flat spot and the amount of Anti-Camber to determine how the board will perform. A long flat spot is fast and stable, while a shorter flat spot is more maneuverable. Likewise, less Anti-Camber translates to more power and drive, while more Anti-Camber makes the board more playful and forgiving.

Biaxal Fiberglass: Fiberglass is layered at two angles (perpendicular to eachother) for added torsional strength without added weight.

3 Degree Bevel : By taking 3 degrees of angle off the traditional 90 degree edge, advantage is gained for both beginners , who get a forgiving, catch-free ride, as well as expert riders looking for a board that's jib-ready right out of the wrapper.

DC Radius 2 Flat: The flat surfaces at the nose and tail of the board provide lift in powder to keep you floating in the deepest snow while the radius blends in perfectly with the sidecut to enable effortless transitions from edge to edge while turning.