Rome Double Agent Split 2016/2017

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Features of the Rome Double Agent

  • Freepop Rocker
    Flat in the middle of the board to give it a stable base, with rocker on the nose and tail of the board to get extra float in deep snow, as well as a loose and playful feel.

  • HotRods
    There are two carbon rods in the tail, which give extra power for ollies, and more torsional strength.
  • SuperPop Core Matrix
    The core is made to give you good response with three sections of lightweight wood, with long sections of a more snappy poplar wood.
  • StraightTriax 30 Laminate
    Three directions of fibers, with two of them being set at 30 degrees, that gives a flex that they say is good for freestyle and freeriding.
  • SinterSpeed Base
    A fast and hard base material, that is good at soaking up wax and keeping you moving fast.
  • Impact Edges
  • Almost Twin
    Almost a twin shaped board, the nose is just slightly longer than the tail.

Sizes Available:

  • 155cm
  • 159cm