Rome Vice G1 Kelly 2017/2018

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Lightweight flexibility for tweak and flow

An all-mountain binding that understands your addiction, the Vice combines lightness, flexibility and customization for riders who like their power transmission to be super smooth. Backed with the new Asym Vice Highback, this new model lets you tweak grabs yet still have the power and pop to rip Euro-carves. Armed with PivotMount Technology, the Vice gives multiple strap positions to customize how responsive you want the binding to be.


  • PivotMount Technology
  • Full Highback Rotation

Flex with Pop

  • AsymWrap Technology
  • V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate
  • Asym Vice Highback

Connected Comfort

  • Contour Boss 2.0 Ankle Strap
  • ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
  • EVA SubBase Pad


Tweakable / Powerful